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Bucket Truck Safety Essentials- Inspection and Maintenance!


imagesProperly maintained and inspected bucket trucks are essential to the safe and economical operation of a fleet. Although all bucket trucks for sale are designed and built for safety, factors such as accidents, fatigue and overloads may lead to the development of some major problems. Through regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance programs, defects in the aerial devices can be identified at an early stage, before they lead to any downtime or work site injuries. Also, when problems are identified in the initial stage, you can be spared from expensive repairs in your trucks.


Regular maintenance of your bucket truck is essential to always keep it ready for work. It is important to make sure that all essential parts of the vehicle such as headlights, brake lights, turn signals, wipers, washers etc. are working well when it is taken out on the road.

Every vehicle has a scheduled maintenance to follow which is usually based on the number of miles it has travelled. The scheduled maintenance allows the operator to replace some parts such as brake pads or replace any of the vehicle’s fluids such as the engine oil in order to ensure that the truck is in excellent working …


Unforgettable Mustangs in the Movies

Its silhouette is undeniable, even from across a distance the Mustang remains to be the most recognized sports car in the planet. From the first Mustang of the sixties to today’s most sophisticated offerings, the Mustang remains to be one of Hollywood’s most bankable superstars. Ford’s sports car’s popularity has transcended from the real world to the silver screen.

Mustangs in the Movies
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Beware Spare Parts & Scrap Metal Scammers

At www.motorpartsni.com, our goal is to sell high quality car parts online for prices our customers can afford. However, we also feel as if we have a duty to educate motorists when it comes to different scams we are aware of in the UK and Northern Ireland. One of the most common is the ‘car scrapping scam’ which involves the illegal usage of cars that were sold for scrap in good faith.

The Scam

Our team of experts at www.motorpartsni.com have discovered that selling your car for scrap can actually cause you great distress if proper precautions are not taken. What happens is that an innocent motorist sells a car for scrap only for the vehicle to actually be sold to another buyer or else the automobile is used in criminal activity. It is not unusual for victims of this scam to be hit with fines of up to £5,000!

Do not sell your car to an unlicensed scrap merchant or else you could become an unwitting accomplice to a crime. As you can imagine, cars destined for the scrapheap have serious defects and if they are allowed back on the road, a tragedy could occur. Alternatively, these merchants …


Reasons to Invest in GPS Devices for Tracking Company Vehicles

If you own a business that requires employees to use company vehicles, you might want to invest in special GPS devices to track them. While they certainly provide insight into the whereabouts and activities of your employees, they also provide a slew of other benefits. GPS devices that track company vehicles enhance safety and improve efficiency. In turn, they make life easier for employees and help them reduce overhead. No matter what kind of business you own, such trackers are sure to make a positive impact.

So, what kinds of benefits can you derive from investing in and using GPS trackers on your company vehicle? Consider these points:

  • Enhanced Safety – Solo drivers are at a much higher risk of encountering problems while operating company vehicles. From breaking down in a bad neighborhood to being targeted by thieves, they can use all the help they can get. With a GPS tracker, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your vehicles and drivers. If something goes awry, you’ll know a lot sooner and can send help accordingly. Furthermore, you can confirm that drivers are obeying posted speed limits and not driving recklessly.
  • Improved Efficiency – Through the use of GPS devices

Paint Markers For Auto Dealers, Body Shops and Parts Suppliers

imagesWindshield paint markers up to 1 1/2″ in width were produced as a favorable conveyance framework. Markers are simpler to utilize and make less mess than brush and containers utensils. They are additionally less costly than the notorious vinyl letters which can require up to 25 pennies for every letter as contrasted with 3 pennies for every letter with paint markers. Tips are acrylic and at first take a couple of minutes for the paint to wick down and load the tip. When stacked, they are prepared to use at a minutes notice. The paints are acrylic, water based paint with UV safe added substances and particularly intended to be rain safe yet fall off effectively with gentle cleaners or an extremely sharp steel. The paint likewise won’t “phantom” windshields. Initially improves as Poster Paint markers, windshield paints are accessible from makers, for example Posca, Artline, and Sharpie.

Figure board markers have ended up notorious with protection adjusters and crash shop estimators as a method of distinguishing harm and client informative data on form boards and windshields. Comparable in qualities to the windshield markers: board markers are impervious to water yet removable with generally mellow cleaners. Tips are accessible in …


Wholesale Auto Parts Warehouse


imagesEver need end up where you require part or item for you auto? Perhaps you need to keep your auto running the best it can. Presently that times are tight you might need to keep that auto running more extended. At that point a few of us simply have the push and yearning to enhance execution, bring about a significant improvement and make it their own particular. Whatever you anticipate is, with wholesale automobile parts warehouses you can get the sum of the parts and items you require for your undertaking.

Why use online stores? The web has been ended up into the standard and is one of our fundamental types of correspondence. For a large number of us it is tricky to understand how we ever got by without it. The abundance of informative data is monstrous. In the decade E-trade has developed to the focus where some individuals do the greater part of their Christmas shopping on the web. It has been so favorable. Do the sum of your exploration, shopping and acquiring with one device. The sum of these destinations secure charge card confirmation systems so you don’t need to stress over utilizing your charge card on …